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18 months - 27 months

Our toddler teachers will prepare hands-on learning activities, accompanied with the rest of our developmentally challenging toddler program curriculum, to help advance your toddler's social, physical, emotional and intellectual growth.  Our loving and nurturing teachers will also strive to instill a feeling of autonomy and positive self-concept in each child, encouraging the children to grow in skills such as eating on their communicating with their friends and teachers!  These skills and activities are documented daily through our parent app and act as a supplementary form of communication to the daily face-to-face interaction between our parents and teachers.  We understand that a personal and communicative relationship with our parents is essential to a child's success! 

We at The Teaching Tree understand that an abundance of change occurs in your child's second year, so we have two toddler classrooms at our center for this very reason.  Those two classrooms are very unique from each other to cater to toddlers growing needs. 

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