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Baby Birds

Young infant room -

6 weeks - 10/11 months old

Our infant care providers will take joy in talking, reading, and singing to your baby.  All throughout the day they are stimulating your infant's physical, cognitive, language, and emotional development by planning activities that follow the Nebraska Infant and Toddler Developmental Guidelines as well as support your child's unique, individual needs.  From tummy time to pretend play to story time, our goal is to provide your little one with the most optimal learning and growing experiences...all while being loved and taken care of throughout the entire day! Our infant classroom is furnished with a variety of soft blocks, infant manipulatives, soft toys, books, puppets, and floor mats that play a part in your child's day of exploring.  We also provide crib sheets, bibs, and blankets that we wash every day after your child uses.  Each infant will have their own crib not shared with anyone else.  Detailed reports are provided every day, including informative logs on your baby's feeding, sleeping, diapering and learning activities through our parent app.  These are meant to supplement the day-to-day verbal communication between our families and teachers.  Our desire is for our families to feel perfectly at ease as they entrust their cherished little ones into our care. 

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