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Young 3 year olds

The Teaching Tree 3 year old preschool programs will be play based as well as challenging to work on age appropriate milestones.  Learning is achieved while doing all sorts of preschool projects and challenging activities throughout our Lesson Plan & Daily Schedules focusing on building up our small and large motor skills, identifying our letters, numbers, shapes, colors, language skills, critically thinking, and behaving with character.  We will continue to reinforce potty-training for those that are not yet fully potty-trained.  Our preschool teachers will always strive to build each child's sense of self worth by allowing choices within limits and building on successful experiences.  They utilize our engaging curriculum, coupled with detailed learning centers, to encourage advanced learning and prepare each preschooler for pre-kindergarten.  Our diverse lesson plans include an array of activities, including circle time, manipulatives, music and movement, Spanish, yoga, book center, imaginative play, puzzles, games, creative expression, outside playground time, group meals, tracing, cutting, art projects, building center and many more. 

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