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Mission Statement

The Teaching Tree's mission is to better our local community through high quality, inclusive education that creates lifelong learners and socially responsible citizens.  As the foundation of our students' academic careers, we know we have a big responsibility to provide an educational atmosphere that produces capable learners.  Therefore, we strive to exceed State Standards so the each student is academically prepared for elementary school when they leave the Teaching Tree Center & Preschool.  We also believe that learning shouldn't stop once the school day ends.  Whether it is providing guidance on toilet training toddlers, giving recipe suggestions to help promote healthy eating at home, or offering additional educational materials for at home use, our staff aims to be a resource for parents. 


The Teaching Tree is driven by its child-centered core values.  We are committed to:

A culture of excellence that promotes continuous improvement. 

Holding high standards for students, teachers and staff. 

Providing a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment. 

Supporting our staff, students and parents. 

the Teaching Tree will also guide by the National Association for the Education of young Children's (NAEYC) Code of Ethical Conduct and we will participate in Nebraska's Step Up to Quality program.

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